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BWNE Still Alive & Well
04:47pm, 16 Jul 2006

As Brandi & I leave NYC, and the continued success of The Dixie Bee-Liners pulls us along, never fear, BW+NX is NOT breaking up. We still have unfinished business, including nearly an entire CD's worth of recorded tracks in various stages of completion. This project is too much fun to let go, & the shared history & friendships run too deep. The continued success of the Dixie Bee Liners will in all likelihood raise our stock as well & open up new opportunities. And while a "Ta-Ta For Now" show on a good night at the Rodeo would have been nice, it doesn't seem to be in the cards...but don't worry, you haven't heard the last from us by any means. Maybe something in the fall? Cross your fangers!

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