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Happy Thanksgiving & More Photos
10:48pm, 23 Nov 2005

Boy, it's been cold here the last few days. We've been out & about collecting items for Thanksgiving dinner, my arms are stretching out to gorilla-length after toting back all the goods. I can reach the computer keyboard from way across the room...just call me Mr. Fantastic.

We have a lot of photos to catch up on, so I'll keep the verbiage to a minimum. Brandon "The Hammer" Story was kind enough to pass along some of his photos from the M.O.C.S. cast album sessions at Classic Recording Studio in Bristol:

[Click on any image to enlarge]

Here's my recording station, the extra mandolin is a Michael Kelly Legacy O oval hole mandolin that I borrowed from director Derek Davidson:

My recording station

...and dig the original WCYB RCA 77X ribbon mic that they used as a room mic:
WCYB RCA 77x Ribbon Mic

Here are some shots from IBMA in Nashville, this is Brandi & me with one of the last surviving members of Flatt & Scruggs and the Foggy Mountain Boys, the great Curly Sechler:Curly Sechler from our showcase gig in the Rock Room of the Renaissance Hotel:

...with our fantastic side men, Ned Luberecki on banjo, Jon Weisberger on bass, & Chris Sharp on guitar:

...Alan tears one up for us: by our buddy, DC picker Mr. Ira Gitlin: Mr. Ira Gritlin

Here's a few shots from our successful CD release party at the Baggot Inn on Nov 11, special guest Mike Levine on dobro & Bee-Liner Jonah Bruno on banjo: ...special guest Jen Larson:
...that's Preston Rumbaugh back there on the bass:
...and once again I am attempting to suck my head into my chest cavity like a turtle: by Josh Reid:
...I made the mistake of telling him to "be creative," so I include this extra shot that we found on the roll for the benefit of any anthropologists among my readers:

Speaking of the Dixie Bee Liners CD, you can order your own copy from the good folks at Miles of Music, your source for handpicked small label, self-released, indie and import, Americana, Bluegrass, Roots Rock & Pop!

A couple days later Alan booked us for a wedding party out on Long Island. He said we would basically be playing the Dixie Bee Liners, but would be billing ourselves as AstroGrass! Here's Alan, caught peeing on the cake, to the shock & amusement of bassist Skip Ward, Brandi & AstroGrass mandolin wizard Dennis Lichtman:

I have an email out to Jack Grace, who books the Rodeo Bar these days, to see about getting the Nitro Express back into the gig rotation, but it's been a week & I haven't heard back from him yet. I'd like to get in there while Graboff is relatively free...I also hope to get back into the studio to finish up the BW+NX recordings that we started last spring. I'll keep you updated.

Until next time...have a great Thanksgiving!

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