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New Buffalo Springfield Tribute CD with BWNE
04:38pm, 16 Jul 2006 (Updated 04:48pm, 16 Jul 2006)

"Five Way Street," the BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD tribute CD featuring a track by BUDDY WOODWARD & HIS NITRO EXPRESS (as well as our good pals the Grip Weeds, Sid Griffin's Western Electric, Freddie Steady 5, Byrds of A Feather, & Last Train Home, among others) has finally been released! Purchase your copy here.


Farewell NYC; Hello Virginia
04:43pm, 16 Jul 2006 (Updated 04:47pm, 16 Jul 2006)

For those who haven't heard, it's true: Brandi & I are leaving New York in August for the hills of south-western Virginia, which will be our new base of operations for The Dixie Bee-Liners. We hope you'll mark your calendars for our "Farewell NYC" bash on July 19th 2006 at Mo Pitkin's House of Satisfaction in NYC. And for all you out-of-towners, the Bee Liners will be on tour in the southland July 25-29 with our fabulous band (see gig calendar). Hope to see you all there!


BWNE Still Alive & Well
04:47pm, 16 Jul 2006

As Brandi & I leave NYC, and the continued success of The Dixie Bee-Liners pulls us along, never fear, BW+NX is NOT breaking up. We still have unfinished business, including nearly an entire CD's worth of recorded tracks in various stages of completion. This project is too much fun to let go, & the shared history & friendships run too deep. The continued success of the Dixie Bee Liners will in all likelihood raise our stock as well & open up new opportunities. And while a "Ta-Ta For Now" show on a good night at the Rodeo would have been nice, it doesn't seem to be in the cards...but don't worry, you haven't heard the last from us by any means. Maybe something in the fall? Cross your fangers!


Happy Thanksgiving & More Photos
10:48pm, 23 Nov 2005

Boy, it's been cold here the last few days. We've been out & about collecting items for Thanksgiving dinner, my arms are stretching out to gorilla-length after toting back all the goods. I can reach the computer keyboard from way across the room...just call me Mr. Fantastic.

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Meanwhile, back in New York...
03:43am, 17 Nov 2005

Okay, I's been more than "a couple days" since my last blog. Sorry, but so much has happened, & in fact, I'm already back in New York, "The City That Never Shuts Up."
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Goodbye and Thank You Roanoke
03:30pm, 22 Oct 2005

[Click on any image to enlarge]

Back in the van...Monday morning, bright & early, there we were back in the van, bidding Roanoke goodbye. I'll miss the town, the good & the bad...goodbye to the cold showers & all night beer pong tournaments the players company had in the kitchen while we were trying to sleep, the stifling humidity that buckled the floorboards backstage & made tuning impossible, the farmer's market & well-stocked library, the Green Dolphin Bar & Grill, my tiny little cell on the 2nd floor, Mill Mountain Coffee, the whole deal.

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Money, Power, Sex and Buddy Butt-Meat
08:06pm, 16 Oct 2005

[Click on any image to enlarge]

Time to catch up on some old news...sorry it takes so damned long to get these pictures developed, but what can you do? Feel free to donate a digital camera.

Mill Mountain TheaterWe're here in Roanoke, near the end of a successful two-week run at the Mill Mountain Theatre.

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Wire Me Up; String Me Along; Pluck the Turtles
05:25pm, 3 Oct 2005

[Click on any image to enlarge]

Well, we closed M.O.C.S. yesterday at the Barter Theatre. We were fortunate enough to play to packed houses, we were sold out a couple weeks in advance, so they've decided to bring the show back to the Barter, on the main stage, next year.

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Ain't Hardly Ugly Enough
03:08pm, 27 Sep 2005

It's been a whirlwind week, folks.

First I want to catch up on some past news with new photos.

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I Am a Man of Constant Shampoo
04:47pm, 22 Sep 2005

ABINGDON, VA: You're still wondering about my hair, aren't you? Don't you have better things to do? *sigh* Okay...since the play is set in the late 40's, 50's & early 60's, we have to grease ourselves up but good. I tried "styling gel," but it dries out after about half an hour & looks like I coated my head with wheat paste, then it dries & flakes off. Nope, you've got to get yourself either a tube of Brylcreem, a bottle of tonic, or a jar of pomade, like George Clooney used in O Brother. I'm using Duke "Greaseless" (HA!), which comes in a metal tin like shoepolish or snuff.

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