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"The rhythms, vocals, and variety all have kicked up a notch recently, with old Ghost Rocket buddies coming out of Woodward's woodwork. This latest Nitro Express is as explosive -- and polished -- a hard honkytonk outfit as you'll find around New York, and they can toss in pop originals, country rock, and bluegrass as the mood strikes"
- Barry Mazor
  The Village Voice
  Oct. 22, 2002

"Successors to Woodward's popular Ghost Rockets outfit, Nitro Express mixes hard-kicking, tuneful new honky-tonk and twang rock numbers about drinkin', cheatin', and gettin' really, really lost with lively, highly proficient covers of classics about the same things. Plus a little bluegrass."
- Barry Mazor
  The Village Voice
  May 28, 2003

"If vocals are your thing check out Buddy Woodward & Nitro Express...sort of the male counterpart to Laura Cantrell: one of the best singers in all of country music, plus he writes his own songs and has the band he needs to deliver the goods. Think Bakersfield, 1968; that good."
- Alan Young
  Trifecta Shows

"A lively banjo kicks off Buddy Woodward's version of "You Told Me," creating a tune that is at once familiar and new"
- Buzz McClain
  Washington Post

"Woodward (former leader of the Ghost Rockets) cuts a mean figure backed by a band chockfull of chops; the music ranges from Clarence White-style bluegrass pickin' to Burritoesque honky-tonk to twangy Buck Owens-tinged rompers."
- Holly George-Warren
  The Village Voice
  Feb 12, 2002

"One of the most interesting entries comes from Buddy Woodward doing 'You Told Me'...perfectly capturing the 'Cowboy with the [Beatles] Revolver' formula..."
- Goran Obradovic
  POPISM/Torpedo Records

"I'll bet Hilton Valentine had the biggest dick in The Animals"
- Lenny Molotov


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