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Karen Hudson
Weaving Patsy Cline's brashness with the lyrical barbwire of Nick Lowe, Karen can transport you from a NYC Avenue B dive bar to a smoky honky-tonk in the deep piney woods. Buddy occasionally plays guitar in her band.

The Dixie Bee-Liners
With a cult following in Manhattan and a debut album due out this fall, bluegrass hotshots The Dixie Bee-Liners are quickly becoming the most sought-after name in New York City roots music. The six-piece collective, led by powerhouse duo Brandi Hart and Buddy Woodward, takes its name from Kentucky Highway 41, "The Dixie Bee-Line Highway.'

Harley Fine
Somewhere in upper, upper upper Manhattan, tone connoisseur & rock 'n roll maniac Harley Fine, the Phantom of Inwood has been churning out some downright vicious chunks of rock music in Zeroville Recording Studios. Check him out, wontcha?

Scott Finter
Our long time good buddy & lone nut Scott Finter has got hisself a top-notch band together...finally! The Aysides. Memorable, catchy pop songs & rich vocal harmonies are his stock & trade. Would you have it any other way?

The Big Apple Bluegrass Society (BABS)
Masterminded by local banjo legend Tom Hanway, BABS is a dedicated association that promotes the growth of bluegrass & related traditional music in New York City & its neighboring villages. They meet every week at open jams at The Baggot Inn & Paddy Reilly's Music Bar, as well as hosting an annual roots music wing-ding called The Big Apple Bluegrass & Folk Festival ("respectfully dedicated to the life and memory of Bill Monroe, "The Father of Bluegrass," & Kathleen Low Hanway"), now in it's fifth year! Plans for 2002 include two stages on separate levels; local, regional & national acts; artist showcases; instrument, band & vocal workshops; a radio simulcast; upstairs jamming arena with snacks (!!!), merchandise & full bar; & special, weekend & seniors discounts, all right in the heart of Greeeeen-wich Village! Can you believe it?

Bob Delevante
Former Hobokenite, now Nashvillian, Bob & brother Mike headed up the roots rockin' Delevantes (& previous to that, Who's Your Daddy, with ex-Ghost Rocket Chris Mehos). Following their all-too-typical major label nightmare experience with Crapitol Records, the band took a hiatus & Bob cut his own loverly CD, Porchlight, recorded in his attic, with guests like Emmylou Harris (who I'd like to get alone in my attic!), Greg Trooper, Buddy Miller, Jeff Black, Garry Tallent & of course brother Mike. Local Boy Made Good, indeed!

Buddy Merriam & Backroads
My good buddy Buddy, along with Buddy's buddies (my buddies too) Chris Maloy, Ron Feinberg & the brothers Falco, are the most kickin', hard drivin' bluegrass band in the area.  I'm knocked out every time I see 'em.  Look for their fine new CD "It's Bluegrass Time" on Lily Pad Records.

Jack Baker/Fretted Instruments School
Buddy's old banjo teacher...features incredibly accurate tabliture, for both banjo & Chet Atkins finger-picking style guitar.

The Human Tornados
Guitarist Bill Schunk's page for his fabulous instrumental group, The Human Tornadoes. (Check out the LINKS page for Beat Rodeo link).

John Beland
Here's a real live Desperado for ya...after starting out as the house guitar man at the legendary Troubadour in LA as a young pup, he's since backed up a dizzying array of artists like Dolly Parton, Rick Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Longbranch Pennywhistle (featuring a young Glen Frey & J.D. Souther), Larry Murray, Arlo Guthrie, Bellamy Bros., Kim Carnes, Nicolette Larson...& that's just the short list!  He later teamed up with former Nashville West singer "Cajun" Gib Guilbeau in the legendary Swampwater, who backed up Linda Ronstadt, as well as releasing several fine Lps on their own.  In 1980, John & Gib took over the reformed/refried Flying Burrito Brothers, & steered them to a dignified end in 2000.  Be sure to check out his amazing cut of "Some Of Shelly's Blues" on the upcoming Nez tribute CD, as well has a couple new CDs of his own, available on his site.  Betcha didn't know he also sang the Brady Bunch theme, didja???

Beki Brindle
A fine guitarist & singer, this li'l gal has played with the likes of Rick Danko, Richard Manuel, John Sebastian, JERRY LEE LEWIS, Grace Pool, Windowpane, the Blues Magoos...and did a fine spot on the 2000 Byrds Tribute show.

Blue Highway
One of my all-time favorite bluegrass groups, featuring incredible musicianship & some truly impressive songwriting from Tim Stafford, Wayne Taylor & Shawn Lane.  About as close to a bluegrass supergroup as exists today, can you believe they haven't made a bad CD yet...truly humbling.

A fine web resource for all things Byrds, built & maintained with care by Mr. Richard Russell.  This one is really special!

Candy Jones
Local 'boken faves, headed by WFMU's Meredith Ochs...they've got one of the best tracks on the Nesmith tribute CD!

Laura Cantrell
Her new CD got 4 stars in Rolling 'bout that?  So, what are you waiting for???

Gene Clark
Run by the lucious Cheryl "Pinkie" Jennings.

Elena Skye & the Demolition String Band
(also see Twangbang)
NYC's most kickin' twang band...also the site for her regular monthly TwangBang shows.

Dennis Diken/Smithereens
A goooood buddy, our pal Dennis is.

Kelly Emerson's BANJO FEVER
Official site of KELLY EMERSON (son of Beltway banjo pickin' legend and hall of famer Bill Emerson).  Kelly picks a mean banjer AND guitar, samples of which you can hear here.  He also makes my new favorite accessory, THE EMERSON POWER BRIDGE.   Handcrafted by Kelly himself out of solid rock hard cherry wood, it will give any banjo a boost in volume, tone and sustain, and that is guaranteed!  I used it myself on the Nesmith cut, "You Told Me," & the thing really barks!  Plus Kelly is a super nice guy, always there with his great personal service.

Sid Griffin/Long Ryders/Coal Porters/Western Electric
The Long Ryders were one of the lone oasis's of quality during the musically bankrupt 80's, & a major musical influence of Buddy's.  Sid has a great new band, Western Electric, which is in my opinion the finest ensemble he's ever been a part of.  WAIT 'til you hear their cut on the Nesmith tribute, it'll blow your mind, baby.

The Grip Weeds/House of Vibes
Good friends, great band, FABULOUS recording studio!

George Grove/Kingston Trio
Long time bestest friend.  He can tell you where to find the best restaurants all across America, & suggest appropriate attire for Yak Shaving Day.

Emmylou Harris
The Goddess.

Healthy Deviant
God knows what the cool cats think of the couple who maintain this site, preying Viva Las Vegas for cute young rockabilly chicks from Europe...but if you are a fan of "tease shots," vintage erotica, retro styling, and "girl-next-door" models with an "alternative" look, and if your tastes run toward "cheesecake" and "pinup" style pix of cute young rockabilly chicks from Europe in various states of vintage undress, and whose don't, you will enjoy what Healthy Deviant has to offer.  You sick bastard you.

Doyle Holly
Former Buckaroos bassist, 70's recording features compilations from his Barnaby Records Lp's, as well as info for his new CD, due out soon!

Honkytonk Confidential
Washington DC's Honky Tonk Confidential plays both kinds of music: country AND western, or, as their motto states, "Honkytonk & Western Swing th' way it SPOZE to be".  Excellent musicianship, 3-part harmonies tighter 'n a ring snakes hiney, & brilliant original songs from the pen of bassist & good buddy Geff King that helped make their self-titled CD the 1999 WAMMIE debut album of the year winner!  Not only that...but they're cutting "It Still Hurts" (written by Buddy & Elena Skye) for their next CD.  How 'bout that?

John Jorgenson
Hellecaster General John is not only a mind-boggling musician, but one of the nicest guys on the planet.

Mary Lee Kortes/Mary Lee's Corvette
What a voice, what a songwriter, what a smile!

Billy Ray Lathum
This larger-than-life character has been in more classic bands than you can imagine, from the Kentucky Colonels (with the White Bros., Roger Bush, & at various times Scotty Stoneman, Leroy Mack, Bobby Sloan), to the Dillards (replacing Herb Pedersen) to the Laurel Canyon Ramblers.  As fine a 5-picker, fingerpicker, tenor singer & performer as you're likely to find anywhere.  He's got a great live Kentucky Colonels CD for sale on his site, from a January 15th, 1965 show in Vancouver.

Kenny Kosek
The legendary fiddlin' Kenny, long a NYC staple of the bluegrass/acoustic music scene.

Last Train Home
Good buddies out of DC, with several fine CD's to their credit.

Mike Levine
Long time pickin' pal, fills in on pedal steel with the Nitro Express
whenever Gentleman Jon is busy, also a fine dobro picker, guitarist, writer, editor, etc.

Li'l Mo & the Monicats
Make sure you get you a copy of her new CD!

Bill Lloyd
Former half of the legendary Foster & Lloyd, has some brilliant pop CDs that are must-haves.

Scott McKnight
Another good pal from DC.

The Moths
Roots-rockin' Brooklyn quartet, about whom porn mag GALLERY said, "This New York band is slightly punk, but has enough bar room band charm to just get under your skin--like dirt under your fingernails."

Michael Nesmith
What can I say, he's Papa Nez.  Hat's off!

Buck Owens
If it a-hadn't a-been for Buck, there'd a-be no Bud!

Daniela Ryan - Internet Movie Database
The hardworking & luscious Daniela Ryan, high school sweetie turned Hollyweird hotshot!  When she collects her first Oscar for best director I hope she remembers me...*sigh*

Dave Schramm/The Schramms
Hoboken hero, Dave has released at least one CD on every indie label on the planet.

Seldom Scene
They've took a lickin' & have kept on tickin'...fine new CD on Sugar Hill.

Bill is my man, & I swear by his gear.  He manufactures Showcase 41 banjo picks (absolutely the CLOSEST old National replicas you'll find anywhere), the truly amazing HotSpot banjo bridge, TortiPick thumbpicks, the Mark Edwards flatpick, Classic Showcase banjo capo, as well as your source for Calton cases, Dearstone mandolins, Rich & Taylor banjos, & Scott Vestal's Stealth banjo.  His latest project is truly mind-boggling: he's teamed up with the folks at Timeless Timber, as well as luthier Jimmy Cox & Curtis McPeake, to produce the "Virtual Pre-War Pot" banjo assembly, using centuries old wood submerged in Lake Superior for over 150 years.  Pristine in its cellular structure, and combined with the finest hardware available (including the legendary McPeake "Old Betsy" tonering), reports have it this makes a truly paint-peeling instrument that is creating havoc everywhere.  And you couldn't find a nicer guy, with an amazing storehouse of knowledge & good humor that he'll share with you at the drop of a hat, personal service you swore was extinct, & you can take his word to the bank.  It's important that we support honest, hardworking guys like Bill, because they are a rare breed.  Visit his site, or contact him at & please tell him Buddy sencha!

Karl Straub & the Graverobbers
Another good buddy from DC!

34 Satellite
They steal away Nitro Express drummer Mark Boquist on a regular basis, doggone it.

Russ Tolman/Innerstate Records
Russ was the songwriter/leader/lead picker for California's True West.  His solo CDs are a kick, & Innerstate boasts an impressive roster of roots artists.

George Usher
Good pal from the local scene, did a fine turn at the 2000 Bottom Line Byrds tribute.

Danny Weiss/Skyline/Silk City
Nitro Express guitar man discusses the Dewey Decimal system in pornographic terms.

Clarence White
The Man!


The Birchmere
One of the best clubs it's ever been Buddy's pleasure to pick at...this is where the Friends of the Earth Byrds benefit was held, & where he played a killer bluegrass set with the legendary John Starling

The Bottom Line
Legendary NYC club, hosts the annual Byrds Tribute!

Brooklyn Brewery
Site of Blackwater Shoals gigs...try the wheat porter!

Rodeo Bar
Buddy's favorite honkytonk to play.


The Alt-Country Page
A fine effort by  Glad to see these kinds of sites proliferating, & this is one of the good'uns...lots of info, reviews, articles, all KINDS of goodies.

Country Standard Time
CST covers both mainstream & "alt" artists, featuring CD reviews, music news, editorials, & of course links to other country music sites on the Web. They also put out a print magazine!

Diesel Only Records
Rig Rock Deluxe!  A mainstay on the NY scene forever, several fine compilations of truckin' music as well as Laura Cantrell's critic's fave. Pull on in, there's a space in the lot fer ya.

Frantone Effects
The most wonderful effects pedals (& custom HiFi's!!) on the Late, Great, Planet Earth, PERIOD.  Buddy swears by his HepCat overdrive & will use no other.  Fran is a suuuuuuper genius.  Get yours now, or you just ain't cool!

The Insurgent Country Webpage
A wonderful German site, run by Hans Settler, DJ & fervent music enthusiast, on a noncommercial basis. Reviews, articles, clippings; plus a huge list of links to bands, zines, clubs and etc.

The International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA)
A professional trade association dedicated to promoting and expanding the success of bluegrass music.  The organization has over 2500 members in all 50 of the United States and in over 30 foreign countries.  Our good buddy Lance LeRoy is a 2000 Hall of Honor Inductee (along with Doc Watson). "Bluegrass...PICK IT UP!"

Miles of Music
"Good Music By Mail,"  their ad says, & they ain't kiddin'.  They also put out a regular email update called MoMZINE.  A tireless supporter of the scene, & real good folks besides.  Please support them!

Tri-State Area twang photos by a real music fan.

Not Lame Recordings
Released the fine "Full Circle: A Tribute to Gene Clark," which features a track by Buddy & the Ghost Rockets, along side other luminaries such as John Jorgenson, Grip Weeds, Carla Olson, Bill Lloyd, George Usher, Rick Clark, Sid Griffin, and many more.  A fine power pop oriented label with an impressive catalog.

The Right Stuf International
Anime specialists, & my main voiceover employer.  You can hear me as the voice of Kojiro in "The Irresponsible Captain Tylor," as well as the upcoming series "Dutch Wife," "Weather Girl," & others!  They call themselves "The Right Stuf" because they really care about putting out quality product.  Right Stuf also offers a secure online catalog for the purchase of Japanese Animated Videos, DVD, Laser Discs, Posters, Anime Production Cels, T-shirts, Soundtrack CDs, Computer CD-Roms, and Japanese Art & Comic Book Products.  Visit these good folks often.

Route 66
"Your online source for authentic Americana."  Links to all kinds of roots music, including a section on roots music scenes in various cities; with a few reviews and an excellent list of books on the music!

Sierra Records, Books & Home Video
Indulge your country-rock fetish to your heart's delight, they've got it all!  From all the Byrds re-releases, through some amazing Sierra-produced treasures, such as a truly amazing collection of recently discovered solo flatpicking guitar recordings from Clarence White's personal tape library! Also rare video of Gram & the Fallen Angels, & Clarence White giving a guitar lesson on LA well as Muleskinner, Nashville West, Kentucky Colonels, The Shilos, Sid Griffin's Gram Parsons biography...just too, too many cool items to list here.  Proprietor John Delgatto has kept the flame burning through some incredible odds, so please support this great resource!

Former Byrd Gene Parsons' site, where you can get all the info you need on the mighty Parsons-White Stringbender, as well as music by Gene & his partner Meridian Green.  The Parsons-White is the Cadillac of stringbenders, you know...

Dial it in, & rip the knob off.

If you're looking for traditional, classic and newfangled cool country, you're in the right place.  If you're looking for "Hot New Country," you're in the wrong place!

Tell the Goon Daddy we sencha.  Don't let him near your fridge!


Distant Corners
Web cartoon madness, featuring the voice of yers truly.

Friends of the Earth
Sponsored the Birchmere Byrds show...they care about your drinking water. No, really!


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